McKinney Education Foundation is directed by a Board of Trustees consisting of appointed McKinney citizens.


Our Mission

To inspire and assist McKinney ISD students and teachers toward excellence and make a difference in a child’s life through education.

Being a part of the McKinney Education Foundation is more than giving grants to teachers and handing out scholarships to seniors. While, these are both so AMAZING, the hidden gems are our College Advisors. They make dreams come true for our graduating seniors. They create opportunities for students who had no idea college would be an option, let alone get a scholarship. By supporting the foundation, we can make dreams come true. This motivates me every day to share our story.
— Denise Holthaus, President, McKinney Education Foundation

This is us


President - Denise Holthaus

Immediate Past President - Stephanie O'Dell

Linda Beene

Chuck Branch

Carolyn Brooks

Ira Dahlman

Empress Drane

Lyle Froese ED.D

Brian Hazelwood

Matt Malone

Mark McAndrew

Paul Merritt

Ryan Pittman

Jennifer Potter

John Rattan

Janet Sander

Ex-Officio Trustees

Rick McDaniel ED.D - MISD Superintendent

Curtis Rippee - MISD Board President

Bill Crump - MESA President

Emeritus Trustees

Pam Sexton

Lynn Sperry

John Valencia