McKinney North College Advisor attends Harvard.

And the scholarship goes to…Ms. Tammi Saffell of McKinney North High School!!! Wait, what? McKinney North College Advisor, Tammi Saffell found herself being the one to apply for a pretty big scholarship earlier this year. While she typically helps students fill out paperwork and then anxiously waits a decision… it was finally her turn. The University…Harvard! To no shock and surprise – her request was granted. Tammi is currently spending the week in Bean Town at the Harvard Summer Institute on College Admissions. As exciting as it may be for her to step foot onto some amazing campuses (Harvard and MIT), her goal is to walk away with as much knowledge as possible for McKinney ISD students. She is getting some incredible insight as to how admission decision are made, how to bring the student to life in the application process, financial aid 101, managing student debt, first generation college student experiences and essay writing…just to name a few! 

We are so proud of Tammi and applaud all the greatness she brings to the McKinney Education Foundation and McKinney Independent School District!

Tammi Headshot
Harvard 1